Despite your views, it’s all over the news.

BLOOMBERG: “Investors throw cash at any ETF with inflation in the name.” 

INVESTING.COM: “Inflation readings come in screaming hot.”

YAHOO FINANCE: “Google searches reveal people are growing very worried about inflation.”

The accelerating pace of inflation is one of the main economic trends of 2021. Higher rates of inflation have the potential to erode the value of investment portfolios, reviving memories of the 1970s, when large U.S. stocks and bonds took it on the chin. Robinson Capital manages an ETF portfolio that may serve as an inflationary hedge in an investment portfolio.

Robinson Alternative Yield Pre-Merger SPAC ETF (SPAX) is designed to invest exclusively in pre-merger SPACs because that is the only time in a SPAC’s life in which it behaves as a bond. The intent of the strategy is to provide a higher yielding and less volatile alternative to traditional fixed income and/or absolute return strategies.


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